IAD Project Structure

Information Asset Discussion Phase
The Information Asset Discussion phase starts with introducing IAD Services to the potential Client and delivering answers to Client questions.  The Discussion phase is also when IAD Project Structure, Work Structure, fees and terms are presented to the prospective Client.  IAD will submit a Statement of Work Design Agreement to the prospective Client to initiate the Information Asset Design Phase.

Information Asset Design Phase
Upon receipt of a signed Statement of Work Design Agreement from the Client, work starts on the Information Asset Design phase during which IAD works with the Client to define the project Scope of Work, Resources and Schedule. Upon completion of the Information Asset Design Phase, an Information Asset Development Agreement will be submitted to the Client for consideration. 

Information Asset Build Phase
Upon receipt of a signed Information Asset Development Agreement from the Client, work starts on the Build Phase during which the IAD Development Manager will manage the project and any external specialists inputs necessary for completing the project.

Information Asset Use/Test Phase

As the Information Asset build progresses, the Development Manager will be conducting functional testing and use case testing to optimize the function of the Information Asset.  Client resources will participate in feature assessment and use testing of the Information Asset.

Information Asset Completion Phase

Once final testing has been successfully completed and the Information Asset has been formally implemented for the Client, the Development Manager will turn over specifications and documentation pertinent to the Information Asset to the Client.  The Development Manager will offer a Maintenance Account subscription to the Client for long-term support options.

Information Asset Support Phase

IAD supports developed Information Assets covering new feature implementation, extra customization, backup archival, and troubleshooting.  Client subscription to the IAD Maintenance Account subscription allows quick and effective development response to Client requests for incremental changes.

IAD Project Structure