IAD Work Structure

IAD Work Structure:  Logical and Low-Impact

The IAD work model used for most development projects is centered around the Information Asset Development Manager. During the Statement of Work Design phase, this individual is the primary interface to the Client and is responsible for:

  1. working with the Client to identify the features and functions of the completed end product (Scope of Work),
  2. identifying any additional external resources needed for the project,
  3. developing a schedule for project completion,
  4. presenting to the client for approval an Information Asset Development Agreement containing Scope, Cost and Schedule estimate for the project.
Upon project approval initiating the Development phase, the Development Manager is responsible for:
  1. acquiring detail information from client staff necessary to start building the project framework,
  2. managing any external resources for completion of their contributions,
  3. coordinating review, edit and test cycles among client staff and external resources,
  4. maintaining group progress toward completion of the project within stated schedule.


IAD Work Structure:  Flexible and Cost-Effective

Project work is conducted by the IAD Development Manager managing external resources under a flex-time structure (full-time/part-time schedules) using on-site and off-site development. The Development Manager coordinates inputs and design requirements received from the Client staff resources with the specialist experts responsible for implementing the Information Asset solution.  The external project team will expand and contract according to scheduled resource need for timely completion of the documentation project.

IAD Work Structure
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