Examples of Information Assets
End User (external) Information Assets
  • Modular and archived Product manuals    
  • Modular and archived Service manuals    
  • Modular and archived Installation guides    
  • Modular and archived Update guides    
  • Archived Software developers kits (SDKs)    
  • Archived Application Programming Interfaces (APIs)    
  • Customer Service Information Platform    
  • Product Information Platform    
  • Service Information Platform

End User (internal) Information Assets
  • Product Information templates and database    
  • Service Information templates and database    
  • Customer Information templates and database  
  • Automated data analysis
  • Tracking Information Platform    
  • Custom Information Dashboard

Business Process Information Assets
  • Process maps    
  • Process database    
  • NPI process templates    
  • Engineering Change archive    
  • ECR and ECO documentation    
  • Root Cause Analysis documentation
  • Project Collaboration Information Platform
  • Project Status Information Dashboard

Client Staff Information Assets (training, participation and execution)
  • Data capture meetings    
  • Cross-department information compilation    
  • Cross-department information exchange mechanisms    
  • Information/Decision/Action structures    
  • Customer status Dashboard    
  • Closed-loop process structures

Examples of Information Assets
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