Why are Information Assets Important?

What are the business costs of missing Information Assets?

Cost #1:  There is a lack of efficiency in process that forces the Client to devote more resource than necessary to maintain the function.

Cost #2:  Instance of error and miscommunication is more frequent among various Client departments that use nonidentical Information bases for decisions that affect product, service and support.

Cost #3:  Inflexible design constraints result from absent Information benchmarking.  

Cost #4:  Resources with other responsibilities but also tasked with implementing an Information structure wind up doing neither job well.

What are the root causes for these business costs?

Root Cause #1:  The existing process generating Information is what has been done for as long as anyone can remember and there seems to be no better way to do it.

Root Cause #2:  Existing Information is fragmented across many different customers, vendors and departments and there is just no way to get it unified.

Root Cause #3:  There is no point of reference to serve as a definition or benchmark of what the ideal Information Asset should look like.

Root Cause #4:  The available resource(s) for improving the state of the Information or process are overwhelmed by the scope and depth of the issue.

What solutions does Information Asset Development Inc. (IAD) offer to its clients?

Solution #1:  IAD analyzes the existing Client Information structure and suggests new tools, methods and software applications that can be integrated to address Root Cause #1.

Solution #2:  IAD provides analysis of Clients existing Information use structure looking for commonality, missing elements and efficiencies to address Root Cause #2.

Solution #3:  IAD establishes a definition of what the basic Information elements are and how to construct a basic framework that will accommodate flexibility and growth to address Root Cause #3.

Solution #4:  IAD manages the Information Asset development program using Client resources and as needed external experts in a flex resource structure (part-time/full-time and on-site/off-site) to address Root Cause #4.

Why are Information Assets Important?
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