IAD Advantages
There are four primary advantages built in to the services offered by Information Asset Development, Inc. These advantages are based upon four general challenges that Client companies face when developing Information Assets.

Client Challenge #1
Development of a high-value Information Asset is a project that is best directed from an 'all users'  viewpoint rather than a single perspective.

IAD Advantage #1
IAD, Inc. offers management and resource coordination of the Information Asset development project to deliver maximum utility and timely conclusion.  With IAD direction, the value of the Information Asset will be maximized for those who input Information and those who make use of Information reports.

Client Challenge #2
Development of Information Assets is difficult when the Client does not have specialists on staff and existing staff resources are already heavily loaded.

IAD Advantage #2
IAD, Inc. brings external specialists into the project as needed, focused on merging inputs and requests from Client Design, Marketing, Sales and Production groups. IAD specialists bring cutting-edge expertise and toolsets to bear on resolving Client problems and implementing targeted Information solutions.

Client Challenge #3
Client companies cannot afford to risk major disruption or inefficiency due to implementation of a large-scale process rollout that may not solve their primary Information challenge.

IAD Advantage #3
IAD, Inc. realizes that the majority of needed Information already exists within the organization along with some amount of supporting process. IAD utilizes organic development of Information Assets for the Client that maximizes the value of existing Information and process and minimizes the amount of extra work and new procedure necessary to construct the Information Asset.

Client Challenge #4
Client companies need long-term support from key vendors and service providers as operational efficiency drives ever leaner and more streamlined operations.

IAD Advantage #4
IAD, Inc. offers project-based services which deliver operational efficiency tools to Clients that they might otherwise be unable to implement. IAD, Inc. provides services via collaborative partnership with Client companies that include a mechanism for long-term support.

IAD Advantages
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