IAD Concept

Information Asset Development Inc. got started with the premise that companies are not making the most of their business Information.  Companies today know that optimizing Information across their organization maximizes the chance for success while also minimizing the odds of risk.  In evolving corporate structure there are a range of specialized interal operations staff positions dedicated to improving numerous aspects of a Client's business Information covering;  information analyst, business analyst, process analyst, and systems analyst.  Companies would gladly make better use of their Information if they had the ability to implement a focused and cost-effective plan that works with their existing resources.

IAD realizes that the way to maximize success for the Client is to look for the solution that uses the existing Information to maximum effect while minimizing the impact to existing processes and resources. 

IAD understands that the Client may simply need a basic Information solution not an enterprise-wide XYM rollout costing significant amounts of time and money. 

IAD knows that the broad range of internal operations staff and technical specialists needed for creating an information Asset will not typically be part of the Client's staff but can be brought in as external resources to complete the project as needed.

IAD believes that by managing the Information Asset development program for the Client the value of the completed Information Asset will be maximized and the timeline to successful completion will be optimal.

IAD Concept
How are Information Assets valuable to my company?